The Rise of the
SSE-Powered Enterprise

As infrastructures and processes evolve, secure business connectivity must evolve with it. As organizations move away from legacy access solutions, Security Service Edge (SSE) is quickly becoming the new standard for securing the enterprise. In as little as two years, SSE has gained mass popularity in the market, and new research confirms that 65% of businesses plan to adopt SSE within the next 24 months.

Join us for this engaging webinar with cybersecurity experts Holger Schulze (CEO and Founder Cybersecurity Insiders), John Spiegel (Director, Network Transformation, Axis Security), and Jaye Tillson (Director of Strategy, Axis Security). The discussion will explore how SSE is changing businesses and what organizations should do to prepare for their own security transformation.


Holger Schulze

CEO & Founder, Cybersecurity Insiders

John Spiegel

Director of Network Transformation (Field CTO), Axis

Jaye Tillson

Director of Strategy, Axis

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