Solving the secure access challenge for the next decade & beyond with SSE

Ensuring access is secure in the digital era is critical, especially with the rise of hybrid workforces, apps migrating to cloud, the sheer number of devices, and the sophistication of cyber threats. How can you ensure that your users, devices, and data are protected no matter where they are or what they access?

In this webinar, you’ll learn why Security Service Edge (SSE) is helping teams achieve secure business access for the next decade and beyond. Discover how SSE can help you:
  • Simplify management and reduce complexity by consolidating multiple security functions into a single platform
  • Reduce risk and compliance costs by preventing data breaches, malware infections, and over-privileged access
  • Enhance performance and user experience by optimizing access to the internet, SaaS, and private applications
  • Improve visibility and control by enforcing consistent policies and monitoring user behavior across all edges


Jaye Tillson

Director of Strategy

Umar Carter

Cyber Security Advisor


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